Quick Kids Update

Zoe is finishing up speech next week. We get the summer to break…but really the summer is for us to work on it together! She’s doing so well and working hard to get the sounds out and very patient when we correct her.

Zoe and Ace are now officially signed up for ballet in the fall. Ace has pleaded with us for several months now to take ballet and he is super pumped. Zoe is always excited about ballet. When Ace hits five, we may try him out in a children’s ensemble that teaches acting, etc…he really just wants to be up on stage entertaining people (yes, even at 2), so that would give him a good outlet to get his goofy energy out.

We got Zoe’s school books/workbooks in yesterday. One I’m sending back…it’s a handwriting book and all it has in it is the letters and lines to practice writing…we already have reusable stuff for that! She sat down in the hallway yesterday and flipped through all the books. I’m not sure how we’ll wait a few months before we start…we may have to delve into the workbooks some before August! Ace kept asking if they were for him, too. I think he may be too young for them, but I’ll try him out and see. If not, we’ll order some more for him…otherwise, we may just stick to the basics for him like cutting and coloring.

I would declare Ace officially potty trained. He has done sooooo well. We don’t even put him in a pull up during naptime. He does have to have one at night though. I’m so excited about how well we’ve all been about pottying!

Liam is climbing on everything! I had to put the chairs down so that he wouldn’t climb on the table yesterday (I couldn’t/didn’t have the strength to keep correcting him with my back pain). They were still down when the window guy came…opps! He continues to use only a few words, “dye dye” is back for “bye bye” and then he says “hi” to everyone he sees…whether they are looking at him or not. He also says “dada.” And last night, when I played “Where’s your belly?” He said, “ge-i, ge-i” for “get it, get it, get it.” He also says “Ka-e” for Katie, my best friend’s daughter and his “girlfriend.” So, he can talk but he is very particular about what he says…strong-willed child!

Josiah has squirmed down further and is now literally sitting on my lap. My braxton-hicks contractions (those that really don’t count as contractions because they are so irregular for those that don’t know) are getting a lot stronger. We’re praying he doesn’t send me to rest time and make us skip our much much needed vacation (and paid for). He wiggles and worms a lot. The other night Mark and I watched him doing a little dance as my belly kept moving up and down really fast. He’s going to be bigger than Liam but I’m not sure if he’ll be bigger than Ace. I got the letters to put his name up with and will try and get them painted and up soon. Besides that, and needing diapers, we’re good to go. We’ll get diapers at the end of the month and that should take care of that.

That’s all for now. Pictures later!

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