Summer of the Fun Trunk

Playing off of another friend’s idea, we created a fun trunk for the summer.  Some days, it was full of fun stuff to do and others it just went along with what we were up to.  We had sprinklers and crafts and all sorts of neat things.  Here’s a small glimpse at what we did with our trunk.

IMG_20150706_112928_361 IMG_20150706_113124_856
DSC_2090 Pom poms, contact paper, sharpie marker and tissue paper…wall art.DSC_2091 DSC_2092 DSC_2093

This was a lot of fun.  I definitely think we will do this again next summer.  It helped the kids to build up anticipation.  Some things were put on hold because of the hospital trips, so we have a jump start.  Some things, I didn’t get a chance to post because we were having too much fun.  And some are their own posts of awesomeness.

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