Super Cake


Given our exciting and super hero filled passed two years with Super Ems,  I knew I wanted her second birthday to be super hero themed.  When I mentioned it to my friend, Tracy, she said, “Oh, and you could have the super hero emblem with an E instead of an S.”  Um, yeah, but I would be the one who had to make it like that.

After a  lot of thinking, and youtube tutorials, I came up with a plan.

Sketch the design on paper.



Then, I traced the design on parchment paper and cut it out.


Using a utility knife (clean blade, of course), I scored the fondant with layer after layer.  Then, I ever so carefully did the “E.”  I did not want to have to re-trace the “E.”  I think I held my breath the whole time I cut it out.


First try!  Phew!  I slapped the pink onto a purple background and then stuck it all in the freezer to harden and stay that way before the party.  Then, I realized I had extra fondant and borrowed a neighbors star cookie cutter to cut out star decorations.


I think it turned out really good and is one of my prouder projects.

DSC_4959 DSC_4958

Emmie seemed happy with it too!  Well, at least eating the frosting part.

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