Sweet Brothers

Liam is really starting to show how much he looks up to his big brother, Ace. I’m using this as a teaching tool for Ace so he understands what’s at stake when he acts up. He’s not really getting it.

During our “puking period” on Friday, Liam rushed over to see what Ace was doing at the potty…then proceeded to try and throw up in the potty himself. (see how sweet…just kidding…it gets cute, keep reading).

Ace then went to lay down and Liam grabbed his blanket and lambie and lay down beside Ace. Later, when Ace thought he could get up, he was sitting on the step going to the playroom and Liam came up and sat beside him and put his arm around him. It was beautiful and not a camera in sight! This may never happen again. Oh well, now it’s preserved on here for all to see.

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