Thanksgiving Come and Gone

We had a great, healthy Thanksgiving day. Lots of benefits to staying at home…mainly, I set the menu, I was able to spend more time with the kids and less time running around trying to keep the sleep deprived/travel logged children from totally losing it.

The cons included: more leftovers than we know what to do with, and all the dishes to clean!!!

Seriously, we had a great time. Mark and I went shopping on Friday (sort of) and actually finished our shopping up on Saturday, sans crowd. We also got all our Christmas decorations out and up. The tree will be up and decorated next Saturday.

We were the first in our neighborhood to have the Christmas lights out (high five…anyone?!…anyone?!). Granted, several people just got back into town today and tonight we saw a lot of lights up. But we were the first and don’t you forget it!

One thought on “Thanksgiving Come and Gone

  1. Hi Abbie! Sounds like you all had a Thanksgiving like we did! This was our first year staying in town with no family coming in. We had a couple of friends over, but it was so nice and relaxing!!!! And, yes, my Christmas decorations are almost up to and that never happens this early! Whoohhoooo! – Lisa C.

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