Time to Dance

Last year, I started looking for a way to get Emmie moving and active.  She’s shown very minor delays in gross motor skills mainly because of the halo.  Then with the diagnosis of scoliosis, I knew some kind of activity was needed to keep her active and moving.  Gymnastics is out.  Having rods and screws in a toddlers necks and encouraging her to bend on it…too much stress for me and daddy.  So, I looked at ballet and was so excited to stumble across Steps of Grace.  A special ballet class for super awesome kiddos.  The ballet instructor is an occupational therapist AND (which is cool for us) a scoliosis warrior.  She has special helpers all of whom are in school for occupational therapy.  Win-win for us.  We signed her up as soon as it was offered in August. As you can tell, she was only a little excited about this class.

She absolutely loves it.  Her teachers are wonderful and she is usually the first to run into class and greet everyone.  She is a social butterfly and dancing and interacting with others has been perfect for her. We look forward to seeing her grow and blossom through all of this!

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