Tobin is Two Months!

In some ways, I can’t believe Tobin is already two months…but ya’ll…in others I can totally believe it.  Over the past week, he’s started tolerating being put down, but for a long time he was very cranky during the day.  We knew our streak of chilled babies wouldn’t last.  It’s not a big deal.  He loves people and is very energetic and he easily hands out smiles like it’s no one’s business.  He also sleeps through the night anywhere from five to seven hours!  So, while he may be a high energy daytime baby, he gives us some good breaks at night.

At two months, he makes great eye contact, can track objects (if he wants to) and loves the fan and lights.  He also loves his siblings.  Lately, Tot the Dog has been catching his attention and Tobin thinks he is hilarious.  He’s started giving little belly laughs, too.  He also enjoys chewing on his fist.  Thankfully, no real signs of teeth yet!

Two month stats:  14 lbs 12.2 oz, 23 3/4 inches long.

I know ya’ll think he’s a chunker and he looks like it.  However, we looked back at the other kids.  He comes in about an ounce smaller than Ace and Josiah at two months.  They were also an inch or more taller than him.  He does have linebacker shoulders and an adorable muffin top with little rolls on his legs.  

I love that he doesn’t just smile with his mouth.  When he grins, his whole face just lights up.

His two month check up was bittersweet.  I remember, and probably always will, walking into Emmie’s two month check up and hearing a medical professional say Neurofibromatosis.  To walk in with Tobin and have a perfectly “boring” well-check, was great but also a big reminder of how far we have come with our super Ems.

I know people have wondered if Tobin could have NF.  Of course we wondered too.  When he was born, my first question was not if he had ten fingers and toes, but if he had cafe au lait spots.  For the curious, no.  He doesn’t have a single one.  Tobin does not have NF.  Emmie’s NF is spontaneous which means that neither Mark nor I have it (if we did, we would definitely have more than one child with NF).  So, the chances of Tobin being born with it are still one in 3,000 like every other baby without it in their family.

As with all of the other kiddos, we are so grateful that we have our beautiful baby boy!  He is a blessing to our family and brings such delight to us all.

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