Ummm…double gross!!!

We had some friends over tonight for supper and while they were playing after supper, Ace came up to me.

This is what I thought he said, “Mommy, can you get the boogie out of my nose.”

When I asked for him to repeat it this is what he actually said, “Mommy, can you get the mawble out of my nose.” And then he proceeds to dig where the marble is.

I lean his head waaaay back and sure enough…tiny bead in nose.

Luckily, our visiting friends said to plug the other side and get him to blow. That did the trick and it slowly came out. I gagged!

Double Gross! No, I didn’t get a picture of the marble or Ace because I thought he was fixing to push it all the way down his throat and that’s just plain gross! After he got it out, he asked for it back. I asked him how it got there.

“I pushed it there.” Duh!

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