We Are Family, Part 1

Our May and June weekends were super busy.  I mean really busy.

We kicked June off with a trip to Papa and Grandmere’s where we met a masked man…DSC_5473 DSC_5476 DSC_5477 The kids zipped away on the zipline.  Hands down, one of the best investments for our super active crew.DSC_5480 DSC_5485 DSC_5494 There is a fun creek in our hometown and we chose that as a quick meet up with Aunt Yaya and Uncle J and one of the kids’ nephews.
DSC_5523 Aunt Yaya and I kept trying to figure out why we had never been out to the creek.  The water stays cool year round which makes for a fun, refreshing trip.  It’s perfectly wide and just deep enough to wade in.DSC_5525 And it has rocks to skip.DSC_5526 Or just to sit in.DSC_5529 Cousin E found a crawfish and with that captivated the attention of all eight of his cousins.

During this trip, we also squeezed in a family reunion at a local lake.
DSC_5535 DSC_5544 We all climbed to the top of the silo.  That’s my kids way at the tip top.DSC_5546 I even climbed to the top…and took this picture.DSC_5557 DSC_5563

DSC_5574 It’s always fun to meet with family and hear stories of everyone.DSC_5566 And see my kids be goofy.

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