Why I haven’t blogged…my excuses

1. We returned late from my mother’s surprise birthday party, my niece’s birthday party, and staying up late at my parents’ playing their Wii! AND, I thought it’d be smart to rush to Wal-Mart and get some monthly shopping in because of the busy day on Monday…see below.
2. On Monday, I had some friends from out of town over…which meant rushing to get the house clean…and I was pooped from the weekend and took a 45 minute nap (unheard of around here…even when I’m pregnant, so don’t get any ideas).
3. On Tuesday, we did more shopping and my favorite activity…looking for shoes for me and Zoe. I hate shoe shopping. When you have a clunker size 10 foot, it’s so hard to find shoes. I’m pretty picky too…I want shoes that are comfy and again, hard to find in my size…unless I want to pay out the wazoo.
4. On Wednesday, movies…love the free movies here, check and see if your theater does them during the summer, it’s a nice a/c getaway. And another nap…I also watched the documentary The Business of Being Born. Quick Review: It’s very graphic, which is fine for me, not for Mark or other men, though. It’s basically a big plug for women to have babies at home…what I got out of it is that giving birth is not about a “medical” condition that you have, but it’s a great womanly experience but must be tended to with experienced staff whether it be a midwife, nurse, or whatever. It did talk about how a lot of health care professionals had never seen a women give birth without medical assistance and I can vouch for that…my first nurse with Josiah, bless her heart, hadn’t the first clue as to how to help me labor with him! Okay on we go…
5. Thursday, I baked:
5 loaves of bread
7 hamburger buns-that are little flat and defunct 🙁
4 batches of granola bars for Mark’s workday breakfasts
3 1/2 dozen muffins for Sunday mornings (Zucchini and strawberry…yumm, after I get over my baking phews!)
Okay, I could’ve done more and wanted to do some biscuits to put away but I was pooped.

Now I’m off to try and get a sash on Zoe’s flower girl dress. Tracy’s wedding is Saturday. Tomorrow we’re off for fingerprinting (adoption), bridal luncheon and rehearsal. I hope to post pictures from this past weekend before this coming weekend…wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Why I haven’t blogged…my excuses

  1. I just want to call you Super Mom, you are always on the go. You’ll have to share some of your recipes with me. I’m glad that I am not the only one with enormous feet. I had to buy a size 11 last month because all of my shoes are too tight, I used to wear a 9 1/2.

  2. honestly Abbie…why do you sit around all the time?? Be an ant! :o) Just kidding… it made me tired just reading about everything you are doing. I think I’ll just keep my pregnant self in the house and let you do the runnings around.

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