Zoe’s Five Year Check Up

Yes, I know her birthday was in December, but it was easier to wait and bring her in when Josiah had a check up. Liam had his turn in January since he was younger. So, this time it was Zoe’s.

She had a great check up. One shot and she was non to thrilled about it. But she was fine when she got to pick a toy from the birthday boxes. Her hemoglobin was great too. No big worries. Lots of great stuff. But then, I knew she was an awesome kid.

Oh and yesterday, she lost another tooth. She got to use her special tooth fairy pouch and she even drew a picture for the tooth fairy. I’ve heard the tooth fairy loved it!

Here’s her stats:
90% on her weight
95% on height at a whopping 46 1/4 inches
80% total on BMI

My girl’s tall!

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